No card today - but I wanted to share with you a few emails we have received regarding the Labor Day cards for the troops challenge over at Splitcoast Stampers. Over 800 cards were donated this time. Reading these emails makes all the time I spent on my 70 some cards well worth the while. I can't wait for the next round!

Here are a few of the emails:

THANK YOU!!!! Tell all the ladies thank you too!! We got your box today, and for a prolific note writer like me you are a God send! Now I'll be able to send them (my 6 nieces and nephews) all my little notes and hellos! I'm so excited. Also, I want to tell everyone what a fantastic job you do!

These cards are perfect, in what they say and how they look! I have rubber stamps of my own at home, I might just have to join the group when I get back... I do have to get back to work now, but I want to thank all of you one more time! Feel free to email me if you'd like.
Thanks again!

Sgt. Erin

More cards would be welcomed over here. The box has been open for about an hour and about half of the cards are gone already! Some will be going to the children of the Marines over here, others were sponsored by friends whom are teachers so they will be going back to the kids who write us. Either way, the cards are greatly appreciated! Thanks again!


Hi, I'm Tiffany. I am one of the Marines that received some of your cards. Thank you for thinking about us and taking the time to do all of that for us. I can only imagine how much time and effort it took to put all of it together.


My name is SSgt Jeff and I am currently in Iraq and I received one of
your boxes full of handmade cards, first of all you guys should market that
stuff I paid money before for cards that were not even half as nice as those
and second I would have never thought a group of rough neck marines would
appreciate something like that they have all been bragging about the cards
and cant wait to receive more. I think you have been corosponding with one of my Sgt's. Well ladies once again thank you and feel free to keep in touch we love it.


My name is Jake. Our Company received a box of your group's cards this past week and I wanted to write you a short note to say thank you. When the announcement was made to distribute the cards, you would have thought they were handing out candy. They have made a tremendous impact on the morale of our Marines and for that, I cannot thank you enough. I think it is awesome that your group gives up time with their families to get together and make these awesome cards so that we have something to send home to our families. Sure, we have paper, but a card says "I love you" or "I miss you" with a little more conviction and you have selflessly provided that media. Again, thank you so much for your time and cards.


I have a few sets of senior pictures to do this week and then I should be able to get back to my card making.

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