I am interested in learning what everyone's favorite coloring medium is for their stamped images. When I first began card making I went with the prismacolor pencils and gamasol. Then the gamasol kind of went out the window and I started coloring with just the pencils and a blending pencil. I would like a more vibrant look to my images and have been thinking about investing a few copic markers. They seem like they make be a little difficult to use at first, but the images I have seen colored with them look so nice. My question for today is what is your favorite coloring medium to use and why?


Karen from PA said...

I love my prismacolor pencils and gamsol and use them for most of my coloring. However, I am fairly new to Copics and find I am drawn to color certain images with them because I love their blending capabilities and they seem to add this texture that is so perfect for some images. I feel Copics are definitely worth the investment, I have no regrets about purchasing mine. Go for it!

Maggie said...

I'm a Copic girl myself, but I really want to give Prismacolors and blending stumps a whirl....I don't know where to start though :)

Crafty Creations said...

I'm a prisma pencil girl. I took a copic class and didn't fall head over heels for them. I mean - I LOVE the results that some people get with them - but I also LOVE the results that people get w/ prisma pencils too! Since I had a TON of pencils and marvy markers - I decided against investing in Copics at this time. I'm sure you'll make a good decision whichever way you decide :)

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